The International Workshop on Intelligent Software Engineering (WISE 2017), co-located with ASE 2017, is to bring together academics working on algorithms, methods, and techniques for automated software engineering, with practitioners, interested in developing more intelligent tool support to address important problems in software engineering practices. The workshop’s purpose is to make researchers aware of industry’s problems, and practitioners aware of research approaches in the broad area of intelligent software engineering.

Some example questions to be explored by the workshop are the following: how can AI improve the efficiency of software development? How can AI reduce the maintenance cost of software services? Can AI shift the software development model? Can AI even fully overtake coding tasks?


October 29, 2017 (Sunday)


Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA


The workshop is open to the public to register (please use the ASE 2017 registration site to register).

Organizing Committee

Invited Speakers

More to be confirmed

Workshop Program

The workshop program will consist of a number of invited talks given by prominent researchers from academia and industry along with one or two panels for discussing future roadmap and challenges in intelligent software engineering.

The detailed program is TBD.